Tastes | Tallinn Music Week


A selection of the best eateries and bars in Northern Tallinn.

TMW2021 programme will be announced in spring 2021. Until then take a look at what we had on offer in 2020.


We help you eat your way through the best cuisine of the capital’s lively and burgeoning dining scene with a selection of the best bars and eateries, mostly in the North Tallinn Area.

This year’s Tastes hotspots are: Barrell Street Food, Bekker Bakery, Burger Box, F-Hoone, Fika Leib- ja Kohv, Fotografiska Café,  Fotografiska Restaurant, Frenchy, GC Gastrobar, Homeart, Kampai, Kivi Paber Käärid, KOKOMO Coffee Roasters, Kärbes Kitchen&Bar, La Muu, Lendav Taldrik, Lore Bistro,  Pegasus, Põhjala Tap Room, Reval Café, ROOTS coffee bar, Suvila, The Kurze, Trühvel, Vegan+, Von Krahli Aed, VLND Burger, Wrap’n’Roll, ÜLO.

Barrel Street Food (Puhangu 71)

Located near Stroomi beach, tiny place Barrel Street Food offers some serious wrap rolls, authentic kim chi fries and lemonades. We prepare local Estonian meat in vacuum cookers to make the meat as juicy as possible. Our Korean kim chi salad is prepared by local Korean family according to all traditions. Definitely worth trying. Every day 12:00-22:00

Bekker  (Kopli 27)

Local bakery focusing on healthy and nutritious bakes. Get your daily dose of specialty coffee, sourdough bread, fresh pies or pastries. Gluten free and vegan options are available.

Bekker bakery

Burger Box (Kopli 4)

Burger Box consists of a kitchen and a bar that’s found in the next room. The kitchen serves burgers and vegan dishes of an Asian nature, featuring homemade tofu and tempeh; the bar serves drinks. Come and have a full meal!

Burger Box

F-hoone (Telliskivi 60A)

Located in the imposing 100-year-old industrial building, one of the great phenomena in Tallinn’s food culture. It is a family-friendly meeting place for the community that captivates with its architectural dignity, surprising cuisine, and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Fika (Telliskivi 60A-1)

Fika is more than just a good coffee and pastry. We believe that Fika is a place to relax, meet friends, find time for yourself and be in the moment. Fika is something that could be part of our hectic daily life. We offer a warm and cozy atmosphere where you can meet your friends, grab a coffee and then carry on with your day. We serve coffee from Mission Coffee Works in London, different grill sandwiches made on spot, salads, little sweet treats and a breakfast of the lighter sort.


Fotografiska (Telliskivi 60A-8)

By following our vision of inspiring a more conscious world, we aim to nudge society towards more sustainable habits. Sustainability practices will run like a read thread throughout the restaurant; textiles of the aprons come from old tents, flower boxes are made out of an old church tower, used baking plates received a new life as bread boxes, and empty wine bottles are used as water carafes. Chef Peeter Pihel has a global experience from restaurants in Estonia, Sweden, and France. Such as Bloom in the Park in Malmö Sweden, Fäviken Magasinet in Jarpen Sweden, Fulgurances in Paris France. In 2017, Peeter was a chef for the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU. It is not a fine-dining restaurant, rather, it is a place focused on making delicious and honest food.


Homeart (Telliskivi 60A)

As part of an interior store, Homeart cafe is a cool and green little place in to sit back and absorb inspiration. We serve fresh bakery every day to your coffee and tea every day. Lots of green plants and Scandinavian interior magazines to dive into.


Kampai (Peetri 12)

Kampai isn’t just a Japanese restaurant! Kampai is a piece of Tokyo on the shores of Port Noblessner. A friendly buzz and a free atmosphere mixed with a crazy milieu and only the best of Japanese cuisine – you might never completely get used to Kampai, but you never feel like a stranger either. Lots of friends, tasty food of the highest quality and drinks – this is a night at a Japanese izakaya. You no longer have to go to the other side of the Earth to experience it, as it can be found right here in Tallinn!


Kivi Paber Käärid (Telliskivi 60A-7)

Rock Paper Scissors – a restaurant dedicated to gluten free food, smooth drinks and a cozy atmosphere to consume local culture. The bohemian bar with a rough industrial interior is located in Kalamaja, more specifically Telliskivi Creative City and offers a wide selection of craft beers and wines as well as classical and modern cocktails for every taste.

Kivi Paber Käärid

Kärbes (Telliskivi 60A, C1)

Kärbes Kitchen&Bar is a unique dining and cultural venue, where art, music and delicious Nordic cuisine meet.


Lendav Taldrik  (Telliskivi 60A-6)

Asian inspired restaurant in an unusual setting Come enjoy a hearty biryani and a Smoked Mary before heading out for a long one; or feast on some seriously grown up Sichuan stir fry beef with an even more serious Beetroot Negroni while taking in the buzzing artistic environment of Loomelinnak.

Lendav Taldrik

Lore (Peetri 12)

Lore is a communal meeting place in Kalamaja, a district well known for local people making the most of their time with friends and family. Lore is located in the historic Port Noblessner. For sharing with others, we also present exciting dishes inspired by the food trips we ourselves have experienced on our travels around the world. Why to share a dish? Because we believe that bringing people together over a shared eating experience brings people closer to each other. Lore is a new restaurant established by owners already known from the restaurants Leib and Umami. Hospitability is in their DNA. Pleasant taste experiences, a warm atmosphere and service, and good people – this is Lore.


Restaurant Pegasus (Harju 1)

Restaurant Pegasus, which has been operating since 1962, is a restaurant with a beautiful view on Harju Street in the Old Town. The versatile layout of the restaurant through three floors is interesting and suitable for groups of different sizes. The slightly retro and bright restaurant is internationally renowned but seasonally inspired. Lunch specials are also available on weekdays from 12:00 until 15:00. At the heart of the menu is definitely local quality ingredients, with an emphasis on simple and clean flavors. Pegasus gives wings to your taste buds and you are always welcome here!


Põhjala Tap Room (Peetri 5)

Our 24 taps feature the freshest Põhjala IPAs, our richest barrel aged Imperial Stouts, and selected guest beers. The cuisine, curated by Chef Michael Holman, is centered around Texas BBQ that we smoke on the spot and features various sides, salads, sandwiches, snacks and desserts. Our breads, cakes, sauces, pickles, bacon and sausages are house made. All day breakfast served on Sundays.

Põhjala Tap Room

SUVILA (Peetri 6)

SUVILA is an artistic, musical, urban-gardening hub that serves the best brick-oven pizza in town – a wonderful extension of the Noblessner district nestled into the serenity of Kalamaja Park. Located in the beautiful, outdoor garden of the HALL Techno Club, SUVILA offers a naturally rich space with plenty of sun and shade for friends and families. The entire area is made from recycled materials to bring an industrial vibe to a summer cottage feel. Our handcrafted brick-oven offers the best artisanal pizzas from experienced chefs – perfectly paired with sensational cocktails and drinks from our outdoor bar.

SUVILA is open Tuesday through Sunday from 13:00 to 23:00 (Closed Mondays)


Trühvel (Telliskivi 60-N)

Located in Telliskivi Creative City, the Scandinavian-like interior of Trühvel is sure to offer something suitable for everybody. Although mainly inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, the menu also features Asian dishes and taste experiences for vegetarians. When at Trühvel, be sure to also ask for coffee, roasted on spot – and naturally served in a wine glass!


VLND Burger (Kopli 1)

Buns. Friends. Viljandi. VLND Burger is more than just food. It is shared love for the legendary bun and patty combination together with the force and will of the community. It is our way of bringing Viljandi to the world. Our hand-made buns are made in a family-owned small bakery in our hometown Viljandi and our quality patties are made of free range beef from Southern Estonia.

VLND Burger

Von Krahli Aed (Rataskaevu 8)

We are not a vegetarian restaurant, but plants are our house glory. We prefer local. We prefer organic. We prefer well-balanced food. We prefer Nordic crispness and the taste of the food itself. We prefer organic wines. We don’t have any others. All of our dishes can be ordered with or without meat. Our belief is that the pleasure from fresh and pure food is one of the greatest that nature can offer us. We strive to mediate this joy to you with our best skills. Welcome to the Embassy of Pure Food! Von Krahli AED is the only organic restaurant in Tallinn!

Von Krahli Aed
Von Krahli Aed

Wrap’n’Roll (Rävala pst 6; Balti Jaam, Kopli 1; Ülemiste Centre, Suur-Sõjamäe 4)

Wrap’n’Roll – healthy street food! Crispy and warm wraps! The codeword “Tallinn Music Week” gives you a 10% discount on all wraps. Let’s Wrap’n’Roll!


Vegan+ (Kopli 1) 

Vegan+ values plant-based foods which are simultaneously special and familiar. In order to pass on our love for good plant-based food, it is important to value all the raw materials in the process of preparing and serving our dishes. We have opted for vegan food in order to reduce the exploitation of animals, minimise the ecological footprint of our meals and keep a positive attitude!


Frenchy (Telliskivi 60A – B building)

Located in the heart of Telliskivi Creative City. Frenchy Bistro brings a casual approach to French food and wine culture. The French owner and head chef work together, crafting a menu which takes you through French regions with many products coming directly from France (cheese, meat, oysters…).  Our wine list is exclusively composed of bottles we import ourselves from small producers we personally know and have worked with for many years. Many wines are available in glass, thanks to the Coravin technology. With the help of our staff, you can enjoy a great wine experience at an affordable price. Frenchy consists of 2 floors. The mezzanine can be booked for groups up to 20 people and the whole place can welcome up to 65 people.


ÜLO (Kopli 16)

ÜLO always greets you like a good friend! From the menu, you will find both vegetarian and meat dishes, from sweet potato fries with kimchi to crispy tiger prawns – taste experiences are guaranteed! The cocktail card surprises with several house signature cocktails. ÜLO is a trendy and pleasant meeting place to enjoy lunch or dinner.


Reval Café (Telliskivi 60A)

Telliskivi Reval Café features a cosy, slightly bohemian atmosphere, and offers pleasant snacks and moments spent with coffee in the vicinity of the Creative City. With its tasty dishes, sweet snacks and high-quality coffee experience all coming at a reasonable price, Reval Café is the favourite of many.

Telliskivi Reval Café
Telliskivi Reval Café

The Kurze (Kopli 23)

The Kurze is small restaurant which is based on ethnical food recipes. Founder of business Nuriyan Navruzova is originally from Dagestan, where 33 nationalities live with their variety of recipes and traditional food. The Kurze has started from single product “kurze” – this is one member from world of dumplings. Today The Kurze is not limited to only kurze, but the menu has traditional soups, broths, pastry recipes and desserts. Kurze menu is suitable for all ages starting from babies, vegetarians, vegans, and it also has gluten free products and halal. Restaurant has separate small building on ground, so it is easily achievable with baby trolley, pets, and is accessible for most of handicapped individuals. The Kurze is the first and the only one restaurant in Estonia who is presenting kurze and other traditional Dagestan food.

The Kurze
The Kurze

GC Gastrobar (Lai 40)

GC Kitchen is a high quality and healthy food prepared according to the chef’s personal recipes, with different flavors of the kitchen world. We offer creative and delicious dishes: different pastas (European and Asian style), paninis, french fries, tempura, Poke Bowl and cakes.

GC Gastrobar
GC Gastrobar

KOKOMO Coffee Roasters (Marati 5)

Open-ended shop-cafe bakery-toast in new Kopli, Nordic factory.

KOKOMO Coffee Roasters
KOKOMO Coffee Roasters

“The capital of Estonia, a burgeoning food scene disproves the stereotypes surrounding Baltic food. A massive celebration of modern Estonian culture.”

Merlin Jobst, Vice Munchies