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About Tallinn & Estonia

This city is a study of sweet contrasts. Listed among the world’s top 10 digital cities, Tallinn’s Old Town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To find the city of digerati and cobblestones, touch down on the Southern shore of the Gulf of Finland.


For useful advice and inspiration on Tallinn’s top attractions, activities, events, and places to eat and drink, check out the city’s official tourism portal, visittallinn.ee, or follow @VisitTallinn on social media).

Getting here

Tallinn can easily be reached by plane, ferry and bus.

Tallinn has direct flight connections from Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kiev, Copenhagen, London, Milano, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Riga, Stockholm, Trondheim, Warsaw, Vienna and Vilnius.

Tallink ferries depart daily to Tallinn from Helsinki and Stockholm.

Lux Express buses connect Tallinn to Moscow, St.Petersburg, Riga, Vilnius, Minsk, Budapest, Vienna and Berlin.

“Despite also being pretty dreamy, the Estonian capital of Tallinn feels about as permanent as destinations get. The UNESCO-certified Old Town district is an astonishingly well-preserved medieval city, encircled by majestic stone walls studded with conical red-roofed towers. Its interior is dominated by massive churches that range from the stern austerity of the huge St. Olaf’s to a fantastically gaudy Eastern Orthodox cathedral, both lined by peeling antique houses, colourfully painted streets and roughly cobbled alleys. All this makes the Old Town an intoxicating setting for the fleeting fun of a music festival.”

John Rogers, The Quietus