Conference | Tallinn Music Week


7 – 8 May 2021


TMW conference addresses music-related topics from practical workshops and seminars to inspiring pop-culturology talks and cross-sectoral future visions.

The TMW 2021 Creative Impact Conference takes place in a hybrid format, combining both digital and physical activities.

The conference programme will be gradually published from February 2021. The music industry programme is developed in collaboration with Music Estonia.

PRO Pass, DigiPRO Pass and Supporter Pass that grant in-person or online access to the conference are on sale at the TMW web-shop.



The TMW 2020 conference examined how to cope with the changes that have affected the entire cultural sector across three key themes – Music Industry 2.0, Sustainable Development Goals and Neighbours – all through a focus on Resilience and Leading Change.


Friday, 28 August

Estonian Academy of Arts

Relevant links for online participation together with info about registration to workshops and mentoring will be available to registered PRO and DigiPRO delegates.


9:30 – 10:00 
Opening coffee at the atrium


10:00 – 11:00 
Opening speeches

Mart Kalm, Rector or the Estonian Academy of Arts PRO
Katrin Isotamm, Head of Communication at Telia Estonia PRO
Helen Sildna, Founder and Director of TMW and Shiftworks PRO

Opening panel

11:30 – 13:00 Auditorium

Policies For The Crisis

Cultural sectors have been among the hardest hit by the COVID crisis. One of the main themes is to look at the different policy responses in European countries aiming to mitigate the impact on the creative and cultural sectors, offering relief and recovery funding, loan guarantees and other measures. While the eye of the storm is still very much circling about us, it’s fitting to ask – did/shall we survive? What is there to learn from the first wave of crisis relief measures? Is there a way to build more resilience into the CCI policies in the future?

The session consists of presentations and a panel discussion.

Barbara Gessler, Head of Unit Creative Europe – Culture, European Commission DigiPRO
Taaniel Raudsepp, Undersecretary of the Arts of the Estonian Ministry of Culture PRO
Shain Shapiro, Founder & Group CEO at Sound Diplomacy DigiPRO
Kimmo Aulake, Ministerial Adviser of Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland Department for Culture, Sport and Youth Policy, Division for Art Policy PRO
Anni Syrjäläinen, Nordic Culture Fund DigiPRO
Dace Vilsone, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of Latvia, DigiPRO

Moderator: Virgo Sillamaa, Director of Music Estonia, Board Member of Estonian Authors’ Society PRO


13:30 – 15:00
Digital culture, entertainment and the copyright conundrum

The European approach to digital transformation aims at empowering and including every citizen, strengthening the potential of every business, and meeting global challenges with European core values. While the European Commission develops its strategy around the Digital Single Market, songwriters, performers and rightsholders are facing the copyright conundrum – the difficult balance between access rights, moral and material rights (attribution, work integrity and remuneration) and intellectual property rights.

What does it take to fix the European copyright ecosystem in a way that is fair for the creative communities while also making business sense and enabling media companies to compete globally? Can a Common European Data Space be made to work for copyright and content industries as well? New ideas and approaches are being pushed forward. In this session we meet Digiciti, a new initiative spearheading the convergence of media, entertainment, technology and copyright policy to create digital infrastructures.

Keynote presentation:
The launch of Digiciti by Richard Bron CEO at Digiciti DigiPRO

Followed by a panel discussion on the Copyright Infrastructure

Philippe Rixhon, Managing Director & Chief Engineer at Digiciti DigiPRO
Richard Bron, Chairman and CEO at Concorde Media Group DigiPRO
Anna Lidell, Chairman at DJBFA – Danish Composers and Songwriters DigiPRO
Juhan Lepassaar, Director of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, former Head of Cabinet of Andrus Ansip, EC Vice President for the Digital Single Market DigiPRO
Virgo Sillamaa, Director of Music Estonia, Board Member of Estonian Authors’ Society PRO

Moderator: Sten Saluveer, Head of NEXT – Innovation track at Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes

16:00 – 16:45
Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia
Interview together with Q & A

Interviewed by Benjamin Bathke, a Berlin-based entrepreneurial multimedia journalist covering technology, media innovation and intractable global issues like migration for Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) and other global publications.

Questions welcome both by the audience digitally and physically.

Topics and themes: resilience and leading change, Sustainable Development, global and local, the role and future of music, arts and culture in the world that has changed


11:15 – 12:30
Gentrification and urban planning: how to develop and sustain a diverse live music scene


Giacomo Bottà, adjunct professor and project manager at the University of Helsinki PRO
Harri Homi, research coordinator at LiveFIN PRO

Stakeholders in the music field have widely acknowledged that urban planning affects live music and that gentrification puts a risk to music venues. Recently in Helsinki three significant live music venues (Nosturi, The Circus, Virgin Oil) closed their doors, due to external urban dynamics and to a spatial shift of the city’s live music ecosystem. This is also slowly emerging in Tallinn, where the City Council is planning to vote for a regulation that limits the sales of alcohol during the night in order to “improve public order, well-being and public health, values of young people, ensure the integrity of the home, balance the rights and interests of stakeholders and preserve the value of Tallinn as a tourist destination“.

Giacomo Bottà, adjunct professor and project manager at the University of Helsinki, and Harri Homi, research coordinator at LiveFIN exploring live popular music’s multiplicity for youth and culture, present how the cities can balance the rights and interests of different stakeholders and design their policies in order to develop and sustain a diverse live music scene.

Gentrification and urban planning: how to develop and sustain a diverse live music scene

Jenna Lahtinen, CEO of LiveFIN DigiPRO
Tuomas Finne, Producer Chair in culture sub-committee of Helsinki city PRO
Luke Teetsov-Faulkner and Madleen Teetsov-Faulkner, programme managers at Sveta Baar PRO

Salla Vallius, Night Liaison of Helsinki PRO

12:45 – 14:00
The Green Agenda – Lost in the Pandemic?

Interview with Dale Vince DigiPRO, founder of Ecotricity by John Robb DigiPRO

Vince received an OBE from the Queen for services to the environment in 2004. Dale is working with Massive Attack on a plan to cut carbon emissions from concerts. Followed by a discussion panel. The panel will be joined by music sector players from the perspective of festivals and artist touring.

Discussion along the lines of how pandemic has affected the positive initiative that we have seen, is there a backlash or rather an opportunity for the real change now.

Mart Normet, Former TV-executive with board expertise in live entertainment and large-scale events, today, World Cleanup Day country leader for Estonia, consultant at Tallinn City for achieving the nomination for being European Green Capital 2022, member of the Green Tiger movement’s core team

Claire O’Neill, Co-Founder and Director of A Greener Festival and Chair of the Association’s Green Working Group for AFEM

14:15 – 15:00
Panel : COVID-19 and ticket refund policies

The restrictions on social gatherings have brought up different issues related to event cancellations. One of the topics that has been widely discussed thoughout Europe has been the ticket refund policies. While some governments have supported the promoters with regulating the ticket refund policy, then others’ haven’t in order to secure the customers’ rights for a rapid refund. But there have been also other ways to tackle this problem – for example the Dutch „Save Your Ticket, Enjoy Later“ campaign, in which the Dutch Ministry of Culture has joined forces with different stakeholders from the cultural and sporting industry and aims to senzitize the audience to what good accepting a voucher can do to the culture field.

The panel aims to examine what have been the customers’ reactions to different regulations, campaigns and how have they related to promoters in the countries without any concrete interventions to the ticket refund policies. How to sustain both trustworthy relations with the fans as well as ensure the sustainability of the live music scene?


Ieva Irbina (Hanzas Perons, Chairperson of the board; Co-chairperson of the Latvian Music Industry’s Council to Minister of Culture) PRO
Chris Carey (TicketSwap, Head of International Marketing) DigiPRO
Veera Rusanen (Tiketti, Director of Marketing and Communications) DigiPRO
Arne Dee (VNPF, Policy Officer / Live DMA, Survey Coordinator) DigiPRO

Moderator: Ramunas Zilnys (LRT, music journalist) PRO

15:15 – 16:15
Unpacking the user-centric streaming model

Music streaming has been around for more than a decade, but still many even within the music industry remain confused as to how exactly streaming revenues are calculated. The fairness of the current pro-rata model is much debated and for some time already an alternative has been proposed and discussed – the user-centric model. How do these models work? What does user-centric actually mean and why would this be different from the current pro-rata system? One company that has approached this issue with serious interest and practical analyses is Deezer and so it makes sense to ask what they have found out so far.

This session consists of two presentations. Firstly, Daniel Nordgard, an industry researcher from Norway, will explain the nuts and bolts of streaming revenue calculation, unpack the user-centric model’s logic in detail and finally offer thoughts on what could fairness even mean in the context of revenue calculation. Secondly, Anton Gourman from Deezer will explain why Deezer has decided to take a deep and analytical look into the user-centric model and what have they learned in the process so far.

Presentation 1: Daniel Nordgård DigiPRO, associate professor and senior researcher at the University of Agder
Presentation 2: Anton Gourman DigiPRO, Global Director of Communication at Deezer


11:15 – 12:15
Content Marketing Power Hour by Elli Mäkilä, CEO and Founder of Storybound Oy PRO


A one hour content marketing bootcamp on critical pillars for effective results. After the workshop you have all the necessary tools to plan successful content marketing.

12:30 – 13:15
How to win on TikTok by Harry Tidswell PRO, Music Partnerships Manager at Fanbytes

Harry Tidswell is Music Partnerships Manager at Fanbytes, a mobile video advertising platform that helps brands win the hearts of Gen Z. Since joining Fanbytes at the start of 2020, Harry has helped artists and labels including Universal, Sony, and Warner to reach millions of young people through creative social campaigns. In this session he will share key strategies and insights that you can use to win on TikTok.

13:30 – 14:30
Behind the Scenes: The Inner Workings of the Electronic Music Business by Brandon Rosenbluth PRO

With over a decade of experience as a promoter in Berlin and international booking agent for some of the leading edge artists in electronic music today including Holly Herndon, Aisha Devi, and Mouse on Mars, as well as being an artist manager for Aisha Devi and label owner of Portals Editions, Brandon will describe various strategies and share insights for aspiring electronic musicians developing their practice and careers.


Festival professionals’ meet-up

The NordicBaltic Festival Platform (NBFP) invites festival directors and other key festival professionals to take an hour for meeting each other, sharing experiences as well as current opportunities and challenges. NBFP is a platform for festivals in the Nordic-Baltic area fostering cooperation in the region by enhancing the number and strength of connections, the capacity and visibility of festivals.

Leelo Lehtla, Festival Hub Estonia / NBFP, PRO
Kai Amberla, Finland Festivals / NBFP PRO

13:30 – 14:30
How to create a visual brand and up your social media game by Effi Summers, Creative Director of Effi Summers Creative DigiPRO

Learn about the different components that make up your brand identity as an upcoming music artist, with a focus towards creating a consistent visual aesthetic. Use this to then boost your social media strategy and create your very own online culture to engage current fans and help you to find new ones.

14:45 – 15:45
Managers’ meet-up
Music Managers Forum (MMF) Estonia invites managers to take a little time for meeting each other and sharing experiences in the current challenging times. MMF Estonia is a network connecting managers and self-managed artists to learn from each others mistakes and successes as well as to pool data from the field.

Leelo Lehtla – MMF Estonia, PLMF Arts Management PRO
Tiina Vihtkari – Sublime Music Agency  PRO


9:45 – 10:45
Mentoring session with Liina Rislakki, PR Agent at One Step Ahead Promotion DigiPRO

11:00 – 12:00
Mentoring session with Oskar Strajn DigiPRO, Eurosonic Noorderslag booker

12:15 – 13:15
Mentoring session with Natasha Padabed PRO, More Zvukov Agency booking agent

13:30 – 14:30
Mentoring session with Anne Runge PRO and Mareen Paap PRO

14:45 – 15:45
Mentoring session with Effi Summers DigiPRO, Creative Director of Effi Summers Creative


10:00-17:00 x Progear x Ableton demo room

Test and try Ableton with keyboards and controllers at our setup workstations in partnership with Progear. Join the beginners and intermediate level Ableton workshops and find out more about Estonia.

Intro to Ableton 

“Safe environment for “Female*, trans and non-binary music makers”

Acquire basic knowledge of Ableton Live programme:

-The browser and navigation
-Main controls and features
-Session View and Arrangement View
-Audio vs. MIDI
-Clip View and Device View

Create a simple drum beat with a melody and learn how to add effects to your instruments.

Important information:

– No previous experience with Ableton or any other music software needed
– Pre-registration is required.

The Ableton beginners session is led by Iti Teder (Tallinn Ableton User Group) PRO.

Artist Focus: Planeet – Tallinn Ableton User Group Meetup #7

Planeet aka Mikk Saar PRO will go through his creative process of making drum’n’bass.

Tallinn Ableton User Group connects music creators in order to share ideas, experiment, collaborate, learn new tricks and have a good time amongst likeminded people. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started or a professional artist, come join us!

Saturday, 29 August

Estonian Academy of Arts

Relevant links for online participation together with info about registration to workshops and mentoring will be available to registered PRO and DigiPRO delegates.


10:30 – 11:30 
Autoriõiguse ABC
Töötuba (Estonian spoken)

Artistid, autorid, tootjad või korraldajad – kõigil on tarvis mõista vähemalt algtasemel autoriõiguse toimimist muusikavaldkonnas. Teema on piisavalt keeruline, kuid samas teravalt ajakohane – kui muusikapalad ja salvestised on asjakohases ühingus registreerimata, ei ole põhjust oodata ka nende kasutamise eest autoritulusid. Digikanalid ja -kasutamine on teinud pildi veelgi keerulisemaks ning seda enam on põhjust minna tagasi aluste ja põhimõistete juurde. Selles sessioonis selgitavad kaks kogenud praktikut autoriõiguse toimimist artisti, autori ja tootja vaatest. Mis vahet on erinevatel rollidel ning miks on vaja nende tarvis erinevaid ühinguid? Mida ja mis järjekorras teha, kui oled just loonud ja salvestanud uue loo ning soovid seda välja anda, iseäranis digikanalites?

Sessiooni viivad läbi sõltumatu artist, autor ja fonogrammitootja Vaiko Eplik PRO (muuhulgas EAÜ juhatuse esimees) ja muusikaettevõtja Thea Zaitsev PRO.

11:45 – 12:45 
Distribution Revolution: Choosing Business Partners In The Streaming Age

As the digital music market has evolved, so too has the world of music distribution. Many music distributors now work directly with artists as well as with labels, and offer a whole host of services beyond actual distribution. This means both artists and labels have many more options when it comes to picking their business partners.

The UK’s Association Of Independent Music and CMU Insights last year published ‘Distribution Revolution’, an in depth report mapping this evolution and outlining all the options. CMU’s Chris Cooke DigiPRO will present an overview of the report, before discussing the ins and outs of distribution, artist services and label deals with three artist and label managers.

Followed by a panel discussion

Hannes Tschürtz, Founder of INK Music DigiPRO
Henrik Ehte, Founder of Funk Embassy PRO
Kat Jarby, Founder of KAJA Management DigiPRO

13:00 – 13:30
Interview with Keith Harris DigiPRO by Sander Varusk PRO

Keith Harris, a member of the Order of the British Empire, whose career spans over 40 years as a key figure in some of the most influential record companies in music history (EMI, Motown, Blue Note). As the General Manager of the legendary Motown label in the 1970s, Harris took care of premier league soul artists such as Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes and Stevie Wonder, the last of whom Harris has also worked for as an artist and business manager. Keith Harris will be interviewed by Sander Varusk, manager of the Tallinn’s Terminal record store.

Keith Harris takes part in the TMW conference by courtesy of the European Music Managers Mentorship Activation (EMMMA) programming .

13:30 – 14:30
Under Pressure! (Talking to the artists)

As we all know the music industry is going through an extremely rough year due to COVID-19 and restrictions that have come with it. In this panel we will hear from the artists themselves, how they are coping with the difficult situation. For the artists the pressure is on to keep going, release new music and continuously share fresh content when at the same time income streams have dropped low and it’s almost impossible to plan anything ahead of time. How are the artists navigating these difficult waters and what helps them stay afloat?

Sandra Vabarna, Trad.Attack! PRO
Jānis Šipkēvics, Shipsea, Instrumenti DigiPRO
Eero Jääskeläinen, The Holy PRO
Moderator: Sander Varusk, Manager at Terminal PRO

15:30 – 16:45
The Future of Music & Culture events – Health & Safety 

Music Industry in collaboration with its partners holds professional competences to secure health & safety for hundreds of thousands. It is an industry, trained to combat crises and tackle the unknown, often with dramatic risks involved. 2020 has offered global challenges unheard of before, and the topic of health and safety has never been more crucial. It is time to move the conversations on health & safety in the main room.

Perttu Pesä, Director of Major Events at City Of Tampere, Director of Tampere 2026 PRO
Ieva Irbina, Chairperson of the board at Hanzas Perons, formerly director of Positivus Festival, Co-chairperson of the Latvian Music Industry’s Council to Minister of Culture and Member of the Board, Co-author of Covid safe event guidelines PRO
Kati Kuusisto, Director of Tapahtumateollisuus events organization DigiPRO
Karena Leiger, Crisis Management Advisor, Estonian Health Board PRO
Sami Rumpunen, Director of Provinssi Festival DigiPRO

Moderator: Helen Sildna, Head of TMW PRO

16:45 – 17:30
Forecast for the Future of Live Music Industry 

Martin Elbourne, Co-Founder of Womad, The Great Escape, Music Cities Convention, seniour advisor and booker of Glastonbury Festival PRO
Stephen Budd, director of artist and producer management company Stephen Budd Music Ltd, the OneFest Festival, the Africa Express project and is the co-founder of the NH7 Weekender festivals in India. PRO
Ieva Irbina, Chairperson of the board at Hanzas Perons
Helen Sildna, Head of TMW PRO


11:00 – 12:00
Leadership in Culture: Masterclass by Ben Nothnagel PRO

Contemporary Culture Leadership Masterclass by Ben Nothnagel, Senior Advisor at Aalto University Executive Education Ltd Visiting Faculty KEDGE Business School Shanghai, an expert on the impact of leadership styles on the performance, results and wellbeing of individuals and teams. Ben focuses on identifying key predictors of leadership potential and performance.

12:00 – 13:15 Leadership in Culture discussion panel

Tuomo Tähtinen, CEO of Fullsteam Agency DigiPRO
Eva Frost, Director of JazzDanmark DigiPRO
Kristiina Alliksaar, General Manager of Theatre Vanemuine PRO
Virgo Sillamaa, Director of Music Estonia, Board Member of Estonian Authors’ Society PRO
Kaisa Rönkkö, Executive Director of Music Finland PRO
Ben Nothnagel, Senior Advisor at Aalto University Executive Education Ltd  Visiting Faculty KEDGE Business School Shanghai PRO

Moderator: Helen Sildna, Director of Tallinn Music Week PRO

13:45 – 14:30
Extraordinary career in music 

Interview with Tapio Korjus PRO by Helen Sildna PRO

Founder and Director of TMW Helen Sildna interviews Tapio Korjus, celebrating Finnish music industry legend’s prolific career of 50 years in the business from manager and booking agent to record label boss, publisher and a promoter through his Rockadillo group. A man whose life’s work is synonymous with combining resilience and dedication, has said in an interview around his 70th birthday: “The music sector is no place to make a quick buck. Instead it requires persistent, long-term work, as well as momentum.”

15:00 – 16:00
The Future Education Needs to Start Today 

COVID crisis, as other crises previously, drove up the number of applicants to higher education institutions. Upgrading one’s competencies and skill sets is a good insurance policy against rough times. What can higher education offer to students who need to face an increasingly dynamic and uncertain world of work? Can universities and academies be at the vanguard of leading change in the creative and cultural sector? What will prepare of for the future?

Opening Keynote by Pekka Mattila, Managing Director at  Aalto University Executive Education PRO

Followed by a panel:
Sally-Ann Gross, Programme Director of the MA Music Business Management, University of Westminster DigiPRO
Pekka Mattila, Managing Director at Aalto University Executive Education PRO
Mart Kalm, Rector or the Estonian Academy of Arts PRO
Madli-Liis Parts, Adviser on Music, Ministry of Culture PRO
Keith Nurse, the Principal of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in St. Lucia and Senior Economist and Advisor on Structural Policies and Innovation to the OECD Development Centre in Paris DigiPRO

Moderator: Juko-Mart Kõlar, Director of University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy PRO

16:30 – 17:30 
Keychange presents: Cause and effect

In this session we will be exploring organisations and activists making positive change in the music industry and beyond, and what it means for our future. How can we make sure our actions create a supportive and safe environment?

Many organisations are taking action to achieve greater diversity and increase representation in work forces, boards, studios, festival stages and more. This panel of experienced change-makers discuss the nuances of this action, implications of targets, and what meaningful change really means in the music industry.

Andreea Magdalina, Founder of DigiPRO
Nadia Khan, Founder of WomanInCTRL PRO
Tejka Vasiljevic, Head Representative for the Balkans of Women in Live Music DigiPRO
Eva K Ponomarjov, Employer Brand & Diversity Manager at Telia PRO
Bishi Bhattacharya, Founder of WITCHiH DigiPRO

Moderator: Jess Partridge, Founder/Editor of London in Stereo PRO


10:00 – 11:15
The role of small music venues in music ecosystems, towns and small cities

Although small music venues offer diverse and rich cultural experiences to audiences, the role that grassroot venues play in music ecosystems, towns and small cities can often be underestimated due to their small capacity. As the research of Live Music Census 2017, a trail-blazing study done in the UK by researchers of Live Music Exchange, has pointed out: “local councils often focus their attention on major developments whose key beneficiaries are larger businesses”.

To understand better the importance and virtues of small music venues and how they can cooperate together with local municipalities, we asked Live Music Exhange’s Martin Cloonan to talk about the ways of researching live music and moderate a panel of the Nordic and Baltic live music promoters and managers.

Triin Pikk, the Culture Programme Line Manager of Tartu2024 ECoC PRO
Andres Tölp, manager and promoter at Kultuuriklubi Tempel PRO
Emppu Paananen, manager and promoter at Henry’s Pub Kuopio PRO
Edgars Abolins, manager and promoter at Fontaine Palace PRO

Moderator: Martin Cloonan, Director of the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies and the founder of Live Music Exchange PRO

11:30 – 12:30
Reshaping the music media

The old media landscape continues to evolve into an increasingly fluid digital ecosystem of competing platforms. The additional impact of global pandemic has forced many magazines to either switch over to the coronavirus narrative or suspend printing. Some cornerstones of the music press as we knew it have ceased publication. On the other hand, some figures have suggested that survival has necessitated a more reciprocal relationship with the audience and softened the relationship between musicians and music journalists into an understanding of their co-dependence.

How has the music media adapted to the suspension of live shows and the collapse in advertising? What are the new approaches and new opportunities for the future and the music industry’s role in helping to sustain music journalism and publications?

Dan Cole, music journalist: Electronic Beats, Bandcamp Daily, DJTechTools PRO
Claire Francis, music journalist: Mixmag, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag, Clash, Electronic Sound PRO
Ralf Niemczyk, music and culture journalist: MusikExpress, Rolling Stone, Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly PRO
Madis Järvekülg, junior research fellow at MEDIT – Tallinn University Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture PRO

Moderator: Jess Partridge, Founder & Editor of London in Stereo PRO

12:45 – 14:15 
“Can music make you sick?” 

Mental Health Workshop by Sally-Anne Gross, Programme Director of the MA Music Business Management at the University of Westminster DigiPRO

These troubled times have brought mental health into greater focus and for a good reason. Working in the creative industries we’re used to facing uncertainties but the unforeseen extent of it now takes an ever greater toll. In this workshop we are going to map our personal relationship to music and what it means to us. In looking and thinking about our relationship to music we might try and create more sustainable ways to achieve work life balance.

14:45 – 15:45
Russia’s new music frontiers

The Russian music scene has always had a strong presence at the TMW – from Motorama to Shortparis and from Kate NV to Lucidvox. Some of them have even kickstarted their international career here. Because of the current travel restrictions, next to 20 Russian acts had to be excluded from the TMW line-up and most of them – along with our partners and friends from the Russian music industry are still confined to their own country. We talk to the movers & shakers behind the new sound of Russia to find out if the interest from the West towards the Eastern talent still persists what is happening to the national music ecosystem that has always been based on and fed by the live sector.

Vladimir Kravchenko, Organiser at Colisium International Music Forum DigiPRO
Tanya Makarova, co-founder of the RUSH initiative, programme director of the Moscow Music Week conference DigiPRO
Ilya Bortnuk, Founder of Stereoleto Festival DigiPRO
Natalia Shmelkova, executive director of the Ural Music Night Festival, New/Open showcase festival DigiPRO
Natasha Padabed, More Zvukov Agency PRO, SKIF Festival PRO

Moderator: Ramunas Zilnys (LRT, music journalist) PRO


11:15 – 12:15
Mentoring session with Martyna Markowska, Head of programming at the Institution of Culture Katowice City of Gardens DigiPRO

12:30 – 13:30
Mentoring session with Mirza Radonjica-Bang, CEO & Artist Manager at Prime Collective DigiPRO

13.45 – 14.45 
Mentoring session with Jenni Kivikoski, A&R manager at Sony Finland PRO

15.00 – 16.00
Mentoring session with Sebastian Voigt, Music producer & resident DJ at Wilde Renate Berlin PRO

16.15 – 17.15
Mentoring session with Sophie Roberts, booking agent at United Talent DigiPRO


10:00-17:00 x Progear x Ableton demo room

Test and try Ableton with keyboards and controllers at our setup workstations in partnership with Progear. Join the beginners and intermediate level Ableton workshops and find out more about Estonia.

Intro to modular synthesizers

This event aims to introduce the basics of electronic music production and analogue synthesizers to those who have the interest in sound, but don’t necessarily have any previous knowledge or experience in the field of music production.

The lecture will take place in three parts:
Discover topics around the physics and philosophy of sound.
What is sound? How do we hear sound? What’s the difference between sound and music? Can we see sound?
Discussion topic: The relevance of sound as an important factor during the current global discourse.
Get familiar with different types of waveforms and learn about various methods of sound synthesis (FM synthesis, additive synthesis and subtractive synthesis)
Get a closer look at the builds and components of analogue synthesisers. Learn about modular synthesisers and build our own synth using a free open source “VCV Rack” software, which opens the door for experimentation to everyone who is interested in modular synthesisers.

The workshop is led by an Estonian (currently residing in Berlin) experimental musician and the founder of a collective record label Field Conspiracy – Paula Hakkaja

Ableton certified intermediate level training with Anna Disclaim (workshop)

Trainer: Anna Disclaim DigiPRO

Music Estonia networking area in the lobby

16:00 – 17:00
Introducing HEMI, Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation

Virgo Sillamaa introducing a new European collaboration project and the opportunities.

Thursday, 27 August

All sessions on 27 August will take place online only!


11:00 – 11:45
101: Manager: Ellie Giles, A&R manager, founder of Step Music Management  / EMMA PRO
Explaining what is the main role of an artist manager. What do they do or don’t do? What to expect from a good manager? When is a good time to get them on board? How do I present myself as an artist to them? What do they look for? How do I contribute to get the best results? What does that collaboration practically look like? Presented by EMMA Online only.

12:00 – 13:00
101: Mini-mentoring with EMMA managers!
Are you an artist manager? Do you have a question about … well, anything you have to deal with in your work life? Feel a bit lonely and not sure if you’re on the right track? Why don’t you ask a colleague? Sign up for a 20-minute consultation with an experienced artist manager from the European Music Managers Alliance. We are all about community, sharing experiences and peer-to-peer learning! Part of the EMMMA programming.

12:00 – 12:45
101: Live agent: Graham Clews, Booking Agent at ATC Live DigiPRO
Explaining what is the main role of a booking agent. What do they do or don’t do? What to expect from a good booking agent? When is a good time to get them on board? How do I present myself as an artist to them? What do they look for? How do I contribute to get the best results? What does that collaboration practically look like? Online only

13:00 – 13:45
101: PR agent: James Barker, director and founder of Mystic Sons PRO
Explaining what is the main role of a PR Agent. What do they do or don’t do? What to expect from a good PR agent? When is a good time to get them on board? How do I present myself as an artist to them? What do they look for? How do I contribute to get the best results? What does that collaboration practically look like? Online only

14:30 – 15:15
101: Label: Hannes Tschürtz, Founder of INK Music PRO
Explaining what is the main role of a label. What do they do or don’t do? What to expect from a good label? When is a good time to get them on board? How do I present myself as an artist to them? What do they look for? How do I contribute to get the best results? What does that collaboration practically look like? Online only

15:30 – 16:15
101: Publisher: Melina Korvenkontio, Producer Manager at The Fried Music / Nordic Music Partners PRO
Explaining what is the main role of a publisher. What do they do or don’t do? What to expect from a good publisher? When is a good time to get them on board? How do I present myself as an artist to them? What do they look for? How do I contribute to get the best results? What does that collaboration practically look like? Online only

16:30 – 17:15
101: Music supervisor: Nis Bogvad, Music Supervisor at Copenhagen Film Music  PRO
Explaining what is the main role of a music supervisor. What do they do or don’t do? What is sync and how does the process entail? How do I present my music to them? What do they look for? What does that collaboration practically look like? Online only


TMW 2020 conference schedule

TMW 2020 panellists

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Throughout the festival’s existence since 2009, the TMW conference has looked into the impact of arts as an engine for the economy and the functioning of an innovative society while offering inspiration to music professionals, art promoters, entrepreneurs and policy makers from different areas. Important keywords throughout the event have included future skills, gender equality, civil activism and sustainable development. TMW’s conference was the first international conference in Estonia to reach a gender balance among speakers in 2018.

The conference has hosted numerous high-profile music experts and mavericks, including  the founder of Sire Records Seymour Stein, polymath musician Barry Adamson, legendary artist managers Simon Napier-Bell, Marie Fredriksson, Edward Bicknell, and Peter Jenner; protest punk act Pussy Riot, artists-turned authors Viv Albertine (The Slits), John Robb (The Membranes), Bob Stanley (St Etienne), and influential musicologists like Simon Reynolds and Adam Harper.

Since 2016 the TMW conference has expanded from music industry topics towards a wider social agenda, inviting speakers like the US-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Hamdi Ulukaya, artist and activist iO Tillett Wright, gene researcher Lili Milani, MEP Julia Reda, Silicon Valley’s business angel Fadi Bishara, city developer Gunvor Kronman, pioneering post-punk designer Malcolm Garrett, and many other visionaries from different areas.

President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid / Kris Süld

“Tallinn Music Week festival boasts one of the most diverse, inclusive, and eclectic lineups of any event in Europe, but music is simply one part of what they do. As a hub for progressive thinking, TMW conference includes panels on “Competing With Machines”, “Public Space and Democracy”, and “Design To Change Behaviour”, with delegates ranging from Harvard Professors to CEOs and entrepreneurs. new ideas and initiatives are shared and dissected, the air fizzing with energy.”

The Independent (UK)

“In Tallinn, it was clear that music and the arts are alive, valued, nurtured and supported. It was heartening to see such a broad spectrum of creative leaders come together to shape the purpose-driven economy of the future, for all the right reasons.”

Oisin Lunny, Forbes