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TMW Quarantine Stories: Liina Tammepõld and Tõnn Kuuli

TMW Quarantine Stories with team, friends and partners starts with our head of marketing Liina Tammepõld and the head producer of Telia Eesti Tõnn Kuuli. Read about what they do during the physical isolation – what they think, feel, read, listen and expect from the future.

What are you listening, watching, reading etc?

Liina: I just finished Joonas Sildre’s graphic novel “Kahe heli vahel” (“Between Two Sounds”) about Arvo Pärt which was wonderful, especially if you listen to his music at the same time as well and I’m halfway through with Alain de Botton’s “The Art of Travel” that alleviates my longing for travel that has already sneaked up on me. The latter is also soothed by being more adventurous in culinary world – there is more time to cook and experiment in the kitchen than ever before. I just ordered kimchi from Orelipoiss and absolutely love it! I’ve also found a perfect online training programme GraceFit by a wonderful coach Shalini Mody that fits me very well right now.

Tõnn: At the moment, I’m reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker and listening to much more music than usually. I especially enjoy being able to listen to my favourite music on my speakers at home a little louder than usual. The last thing I had on is Avoid Dave’s EP ‘After the Rain’. Also, I just rented the movie “Talve” (“Winter”), which I missed at the cinemas.

What are you feeling and thinking about in this situation?

Liina: I personally have always enjoyed my own company so I don’t mind not socializing actively all the time. We are in touch with people by digital channels constantly anyway. I have had working days like this before, of course not so many in a row. But I have to say, I enjoy being home with my husband and my dog. Of course I would like to go to the cinema, theatre and concerts but there are alternatives at home as well.

I think this time will teach us a lot by putting a lot of pressure on relationships and forcing us to look inside and manage ourselves. Everyday rhythm usually doesn’t give enough time to deal with one’s own ideas, thoughts and feelings. Now there is enough time to go through them all and who knows what the outcome may be. Of course I am worried about people getting sick and people not taking this situation seriously enough, about the economic crisis and unemployment. I hope people will understand that everybody’s actions at this time matter and the best you can do is stay at home. I just read a thought by a small child who said that if the virus sees that there is nobody out there, it will leave. As simple as that.

Tõnn: I am incredibly happy to see that so many people are using this complicated situation as an opportunity and they’ve put their heads together to offer interesting and awesome solutions for entertainment as well as self-improvement. Almost every day, some idea or another comes across our table that otherwise would never have even been discussed. We’re doing our best so that as many of them as possible would reach people at home through our channels.

What kind of future are you dreaming of?

Liina: I hope that in the future we won’t forget the lessons we’ve learned in this situation – that we will continue to support and help those in need, consume more local culture and products and by that support local talent and wouldn’t forget to keep washing hands. I hope people will appreciate the freedom and choices we have and that meetings with friends, parents and grandparents are not taken for granted.

Tõnn: Generally, I am an optimist, and I believe that we will come out of this crisis, as many before, smarter and stronger. The experience of staying quarantined at home is certainly a challenge for many, but I believe that also has its own hidden positive sides, which we might not understand until later.